A road shared by truckers and motorists

After a long day of work, the time to return home has finally arrived. On the way back, long traffic delays traffic. You certainly won’t be home in the usual 30 minutes.

An accident occurred on the road involving a motorist and a truck driver. Scenes that send shivers down your spine. Paramedics have placed the driver of the car on a stretcher en route to the hospital and the truck driver is struggling to explain how the incident unfolded.

You wonder what could have happened to cause damage of this magnitude. There is a good chance that the motorist was in the blind spot of the heavy goods vehicle. The watchword is to share the road.


It is not new to say that the braking distance of a truck is longer than that of a car and that its blind spots are of greater importance. Giving space to heavyweights generally means counting one second of distance for every three meters of length. For example, if a 24 meter truck is driving down the road a distance of eight seconds would be required and possibly even longer if road conditions are poor.


Being courteous on the road makes our roads safer. The next time you think of overtaking a truck near an exit, tell yourself that after slowing down it will take three kilometers to get back to the speed at which it was driving. Not very encouraging for the trucker who has been driving since very early in the morning. A more considered behavior on the part of everyone would avoid many road accidents.


  1. Stay away from trucks.
  2. Avoid staying too long at the height of a heavy weight.
  3. Make sure you are seen.
  4. Do not follow a truck too closely.
  5. Do not attempt a sudden overtaking.

Image source: SAAQ

Making the roads of Quebec pleasant to drive IS POSSIBLE.