Our Mission:​

To promote sustainable mobility and safe driving through awareness and training activities.

Our values:​

Our actions are guided by fundamental values ​​that are important to us: dedication to road safety and sustainable mobility, respect for others and the environment, involvement with youth and the public, knowledge sharing and integrity.

Our vision:​

To promote sustainable mobility and road safety through awareness and training activities.

Our areas of action:

Awareness-raising and education about road safety and sustainable mobility. Implementing transportation electrification projects.


The FQESR (Fondation québécoise d’éducation en sécurité routière, that is: the Quebec Road Safety Education Foundation) is a young non-profit organization founded in 2016. It was born out of a desire to raise young people’s awareness of the importance of safe driving, through mobilizing activities in their schools and communities. The founders of the organization were always advocates of eco-responsible driving. Therefore, in 2020, they expanded the Foundation’s mission to include sustainable mobility, and more particularly the electrification of transportation.