Wash your vehicle in an eco-friendly way

Wash your vehicle in an eco-friendly way But it would also be good not to pollute the environment so that your vehicle shines!

When you wash your vehicle with a garden hose, it can easily take 100 liters of water, and sometimes even more. It is enormous! In addition, all polluting residues (dust from brakes, tires, etc.) end up in the sewer. Not to mention that traditional cleaning products are not approved for the environment.

There are solutions !

The easiest solution: Go to the car wash! Most modern car washes collect wash water and must treat it to remove many of the pollutants before discharging it down the drain. However, a lot of water is consumed.

Replace traditional detergents with biodegradable and phosphate-free cleaners. However, it does not reduce water consumption. The next step is to reduce the number of times you wash your automobile with water. That doesn’t mean you have to drive a dirty vehicle! A Quebec company manufactures products designed to wash your car without water. Unless your car is really dirty, it is not necessary to get it all wet every time you wash it.

Happy cleaning!

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