Used tires perform better than you think

Contrary to popular belief, new tires do not necessarily perform better than used ones. Used tires perform better than you think.

Popular beliefs vs reality

The Car Guide published a recent survey conducted by Michelin North America (Canada) Inc., which reveals that 90% of Canadian drivers believe that new tires always offer better performance than worn tires.

Time, an adequate effective criterion?

The time indicator is not an adequate criterion for evaluating the performance of a tire. Some worn tires offer a shorter or comparable wet braking distance to some new tires.

Scrap Tire Testing Saves Money

Michelin therefore encourages tests on worn tires and the publication of the results for consumers, this would make it easier for them and also save them money.

Good for the environment

56% of Canadian drivers don’t know how to assess if their tires are still in good condition. Most people replace their tires before they actually need them. This creates not only waste, but also a huge amount of CO2.