The helmet, protection for life

Although highly enjoyable, motorcycle rides have their own level of risk. It is therefore important to always wear a helmet, wearing it is even mandatory by the highway code. This is protection for life.

The helmet and protective clothing are the only protections on which the motorcyclist can count to avoid or reduce injuries in the event of an accident. It is therefore an important choice when making your purchase.

your helmet must

  • Cover the entire head (full face helmet) to offer the best protection against shocks, bad weather and wind
  • Be perfectly adjusted while being comfortable
  • To be able to move only a few millimeters without compressing the head
  • Be well ventilated to allow good ventilation and prevent fogging
  • Be made of fiberglass, carbon or composite
  • Allow you to see well in blind spots

deally, be light in color, with reflective patterns, fluorescent, etc.

Used helmet vs. new helmet

Remember that a used helmet bought at a discount is not good protection, it is a short term solution while an unworn helmet is what can save your life. Even if the used helmet looks good in appearance, invisible damage may be present.

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