License plate customization has arrived

Since July 27, 2018, Quebecers can personalize their license plate like most Canadian provinces and American states.

How it works?

For the sum of $250, car, truck, motorcycle, snowmobile or moped owners can choose from two to seven symbols, including numbers and letters, to appear on their license plate. This requires an annual renewal fee of $34.50.

What to consider

However, the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) imposes restrictions on the content displayed on the license plate. Indeed, there are five main prohibitions:

  • Falsely suggesting that the owner of the road vehicle is a public authority (example: POLICE)
  • Express obscene or scandalous content
  • Refer to a law reserved for others or of which it prohibits their use (Citation of the name of a commercial brand)
  • refer to a criminal offense
  • Expressing recklessness about road safety

To read this news, you can consult the press release issued by the SAAQ on the website

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