Important changes to the highway code

Since the beginning of July 2018, the Highway Safety Code has undergone major changes to make the road network safer for its users.

Drunk Driving Body

By statistics showing that it is one of the main causes of death related to the automobile, the government of Quebec has decided to make the law more severe against repeat offenders. Indeed, after a second arrest, your vehicle will be equipped with an alcohol ignition interlock device (also called a balloon) for life. You can have the sanction changed after a period of 10 years if you prove that your alcohol or drug consumption habits have changed and no longer compromise your driving.

Electronic devices in car

If you get caught with an electronic device while driving (cell phone, iPod, tablets, even if you only change the song, watch the time or configure the GPS) the number of demerit points goes from 4 to 5. You will also receive a fine ranging from $300 to $600 The consequences surrounding this act can also result in the revocation of your driver’s license for a period ranging from 3 to 30 days, even if it is a first offence.

The cyclist is liable to a fine of $80 to $100.

Access to the road network

From May 18, 2018, learner drivers cannot drive between midnight and 5 a.m., since this is the period when alcohol-related accidents occur.

In addition, drivers with a probationary driving license can no longer transport as many friends as they wish for this same period of time, and this, before the age of 19 in the first 12 months of obtaining of their license.

Finally, learner motorcycle drivers will no longer be required to be accompanied when traveling

To find out about the new measures of the highway code and to find out the dates of their entry into force, you can consult the microsite