Going further by polluting less

It’s time to buy your very first new car. The choice is endless. Models, colors and accessories for all tastes and prices.

Being a reasonable individual who is aware of his impact on the environment, you think about going for a greener car. Electric models interest you, but you don’t know too much about them: their cost, their recharging, their consumption, their maintenance, etc.

To know

The price of an electric car varies from one model to another. For example, the 2017 Nissan LEAF S starts at $33,998 and the 2017 Tesla Model 5 75 sells for $100,750.

Running on a battery, the electric car will need to be recharged. It will mainly be recharged at home using a standard 120 volt terminal which is better suited for hybrid cars or a 240 volt terminal which halves the charging time for 100% electric cars.

Charging time will vary from model to model. You will never have to change the oil and the brakes wear out half as quickly as a gas-powered vehicle.

Going electric pays off

  • The Quebec government is offering a rebate on the purchase or lease of an electric car of up to $8,000.
  • For the purchase of an eligible charging station, the government reimburses $350 and for its installation, it reimburses $250.
  • The battery is guaranteed for 8 years by the car manufacturers.

Electric and practical

Since the production of electricity in Quebec comes from renewable energy, the impact of the electric car on the environment is less than a gas-powered car. It does not emit CO2, so it does not pollute in use. Plus, gas savings can be up to $160 per month and maintaining your car will cost you less too.

The electric turn is in vogue AND THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!