E-roller pilot project

An electrifying project for driving schools and learner drivers!

This project to electrify the fleet of driving schools in Quebec allows learner drivers to take their practical driving lessons on 100% electric cars, in addition to offering personalized support and financial support to participating schools.

The main goals of the Rally are to:

  1. Replace 150 gasoline-powered cars with 100% electric cars in all participating schools and thus reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced by driving schools.
  2. Raise awareness among young drivers and those around them of the advantages of electric vehicles through driving lessons.
  3. Develop a viable economic model for driving schools that would like to make the transition to the use of electric cars.

The Ministère des Transports entrusted the FQESR with the mission of orchestrating the project. In total, 100 driving schools of all sizes and from 15 different administrative regions of Quebec have been selected and the vast majority now offer the service.

Beyond the greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction objectives directly related to the project, the use of electric vehicles during driving lessons would lay a solid foundation for young drivers on the benefits and advantages of driving vehicles. electrical.

The goal is to encourage future drivers in Quebec to favor electric vehicles for their trips and encourage the choice of an electric vehicle the next time they buy or rent. The project also includes a communication component, in particular to publicize the government's incentive programs for the electric shift in transport to thousands of young people.

For 2021 and 2022, awareness campaigns will be deployed in the media and visits will be organized to secondary schools and CEGEPs (if conditions permit). Danick Martineau, comedian well known to young people, was chosen as the headliner for 7 informative capsules and 4 humorous capsules broadcast on social media and the project's website.

The $4,5 million project is funded by the Department of Transportation with funds that come from a measure of the 2013-2020 Climate Change Action Plan.

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