Eco driving

Environmental awareness…

“I recycle, I compost, I pay attention to my water consumption, I eat organic and I buy products that are not tested on animals. What more can I do for the environment? A question you ask yourself as you observe the state of our planet which continues to show signs of degradation.

A polluter on four wheels

One of the most polluting industries in Canada is transportation, including off-road vehicles. According to Environment Canada, in 2014, this sector accounted for 59% of total national emissions of carbon monoxide, a highly toxic element that pollutes our air.

I really need it “

Like many people, determined to put the car aside to go to work, run errands, go out with friends on the bus, on a bike or on foot is easier said than done. With public transit, which does not serve all suburban neighborhoods and the frequency of buses does not seem to be sufficient, the car remains the most efficient means of transportation.

Drive greener!

Making more eco-responsible choices while driving your vehicle is possible. Here are some driving habits to adopt today:

  • Keep a constant speed;
  • Anticipate slowdowns to avoid braking suddenly;
  • Cut the engine when the stoppage lasts more than 20 seconds;
  • Have well inflated tires;
  • Drive less quickly: reducing your speed by 10 km/h can save you 5 L of gas per 100 km;
  • Maintain your vehicle regularly;
  • Limit the use of air conditioning: it can increase your fuel consumption by 10% on the road and 25% in town.

Kinder driving habits towards our environment, we LOVE IT!