Driving without a license what are the consequences

It can be tempting to drive without a license when you don’t know the consequences and you feel like you’re doing pretty well behind the wheel It is however a dangerous transgression and severely punished by law.

Vehicle seizure, hefty fine, demerit points… Is the game worth it?

Driving without a license affects everyone

If you are stopped driving a car without a valid licence, it will be seized at the owner’s expense, whether the car is yours or not. In other words, there is no way to save yourself: the owner will be informed and will be responsible for paying!

The car will then be towed and impounded for 30 days. To recover it, its owner must obtain authorization from the SAAQ or a judge of the Court of Quebec. He will then have to pay the towing and storage costs. In short, a long and painful procedure!

Driving without a license: a decision that is very expensive

As driving a car without a license is a violation of the Highway Safety Code, it will be punished by a fine. Normally, the amount is between $300 and $600, but sometimes offenders pay even more. In addition, each additional offense exposes you to additional charges which can be very high.

In addition to the costs of seizure, towing and custody, the car owner will have to pay a fine. You should never lend your vehicle without making sure that the person who wants to borrow it has a valid driver’s license.

Retroactive demerit points: a bad start

«If I don’t have a licence, what can I do with demerit points? Most people believe demerit points only apply to valid license holders, but the SAAQ isn’t taking any chances.

Any violation of the Highway Safety Code and the Criminal Code that you may commit, for example driving without a valid license, results in demerit points that will be added to your driving record once you have your license.

So when you finally get your driver’s license, it will already have demerit points, and who wants to start backwards? In addition, from four demerit points, the right to obtain a license is revoked for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months, which considerably lengthens the process!

Driving without a license, without consequence? Impossible. Not only is this offense punished very severely, but it presents serious dangers for your safety and that of others. So, while waiting for your license, remember that patience is a virtue… and that the bus costs much less!

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