Don’t be driven by your phone

According to the SAAQ, cell phone use is one of the main causes of distracted driving. Although everyone agrees that you should not use your phone while driving, far too many drivers are not able to resist it.

What the law says?

You do notcannot have in hand or handle in any way your phone while driving. The law also applies when you are waiting at a red light or when you are stopped in a traffic jam. In the event of misconduct, the fine of $80 to $100 is accompanied by4 demerit points. points d’inaptitude. (Source : SAAQ)

What are the risks?

When you use your phone while driving, your eyes leave the road for periods of 4 to 6 seconds at a time, which is the equivalent, at 90 km/h, of traversing a football field with your eyes closed. That’s a lot more distance than it takes to deviate from your course or not be able to detect a risky situation.

Note that even if “hands-free” devices are tolerated, they are a major source of distraction and their use is not recommended.

what are the solutions?

Even if you’re full of good intentions, it’s all too easy to get distracted by a notification on your phone and “just peek” at it. You can use the following means:

  • Turn off the ringtone and vibrate on your phone and put it out of sight : in a pocket, in the glove compartment of the vehicle or in your purse. If that’s not enough, turn off the phone completely.
  • Where possible, give your ph give your phone to a passenger who will answer your calls or texts.
  • Use the appDriving mode developed by the SAAQ, which blocks text messages and incoming calls while driving.