New car safety campaign.

With the support of Transport Canada, the Fondation Québécoise d'Éducation en Sécurité Routière is launching a new road safety awareness campaign in the summer of 2022, more specifically aimed at new car drivers aged 16 to 24. The two key themes are:

      1. driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs;
      2. distracted driving.

The "Tata Championship" is a brand new competition and the concept is different new, because here nobody wants to win the title of "the greatest tata". This campaign, adapted for young people, revolves around 6 video clips that transmit powerful messages related to family, friendship and the repercussions that these behaviors can have on the course of our lives.

We invite you to watch these humorous video capsules by clicking here, because they could help you not win the “Tatas Championship”!

You can also participate in the COMPETITION.

In order to measure the impact of this campaign, the FQESR set up an Internet survey for the attention of the target audience. We offer you the chance to win $15 for the purchase or lease of a new or used vehicle at HGregoire Nissan! Participate, it could take you far!

To consult the rules of the Parcours Ambassadeur contest, click here.


Thank you to all our partners: BC Assur, Harnois-Dépanneur Proxi, HGregoire, and Taxelco.

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