A new project for the Foundation is just around the corner!

The Quebec Road Safety Education Foundation (FQESR) is an NPO created in 2016 to raise public awareness of the importance of safe and eco-responsible driving.


The FQESR is known to the general public for its action in road safety with motorists and motorcyclists, for the association Moto Québec(www.motoquebec.ca) and for his project e-roule, to electrify the vehicle fleet of driving schools in Quebec (www.e-roule.com).


Guaranteed visibility among young people


In 2022, the FQESR will set up an awareness campaign on road safety, funded by the Government of Canada. This campaign, based on video clips, will be broadcast directly in the learning curve during theoretical driving lessons as well as on social media. Thanks to the concrete support of the largest group of driving schools in Quebec and our many partners, the project is assured of great success all the way! Supported by a marketing campaign and an eminent collaboration with several other groups of driving schools and actors in road safety across Canada, the capsules will have a very wide reach among young people aged 16 to 24 as well as among apprentices. motorcyclists with less than two years of experience.


Stay tuned!

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