A ball and a life to live

If you are a high school student anywhere in Quebec, this time of year is synonymous with preparation, buying a dress or suit for the prom, limo rental, finding a photographer, preparing after-prom festivities, etc. An important element must remain in your mind: if you drink, you do not drive.

Remember what the law says

There is zero alcohol tolerance at the wheel for drivers under 22, learner drivers and holders of a probationary licence. Ending your evening with your license suspended for 90 days, 4 fewer demerit points and a fine of between $300 and $600 is far from the ideal post-prom.

A real danger

Driving while impaired not only endangers you, but also those around you. The effect of alcohol on our body can cause an increase in risk taking, a deceptive feeling of confidence, difficulty in maintaining a constant speed and good trajectory and also a decrease in attention and the ability to judge. .

Find yourself an alternative

You don’t have to drive if you can’t. Before drinking, it is important to plan your travels. You and your friends can designate a driver or take a taxi. Wake up your parents if necessary so they can pick you up. They will do everything they can to get you home safe and sound.

Make the right choice

One last thing to add to your to-do list: sign a lifelong pact with you and your parents to ensure that no matter what state you are in, you will make the right choice.


DO NOT FORGET! The ball is only one night. The consequences can follow you for life.